How to consume a Musear presentation?

Any Musear presentation can be consumed by using a smartphone or a tablet. To start a Musear presentation, the user will need to install the “Musear Player” application. The Musear Player application should be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The Player can also be found by searching the Google Play Store for the keywords “musear player”.

 How to create a Musear presentation?

Presentations are created by organizations. So, first you’ll need to register as an organization on the Musear Community website. After registration, you need to create a presentation call. Artists can apply to presentation calls and organizations choose who they want to create the presentation.

The presentations are edited in the Musear Editor, which is a zero-install, low-code editor that can be used in any Internet browser. It can be accessed from within the Musear Community website after a blank presentation is created.

More information on creating a presentation can be found in the Musear Community Module User Manual, Musear Editor User Manual and Musear video tutorials.


 What are the benefits of creating a Musear presentation?

The Musear presentations allow museums and other organizations to create interactive multimedia digital presentations for their audience without the need to hire an IT development company or without the knowledge of programming. Presentations offer 2D or 3D experience, images, video, audio, AR and more, giving plenty of possibilities for the organizations to add new experiences; be it in the exhibition space or as pre- and post-visiting activities.


 Are Musear presentations free?

It is completely free of charge to create a Musear presentation. The main idea of our project is to allow museums and other organizations to create a digital experience without the cost of hiring an IT development company.

At the moment, consuming all Musear presentations is free of charge. In the future, there could be a price you need to pay to view certain presentations, as the viewing price for a presentation will be defined by its creator.


 Where to learn more about Musear Editor and Community modules?

You can learn more from our user manuals or Youtube tutorials:

Musear Editor User Manual

Musear Community Module User Manual

Video Tutorial on Musear Community Module

Video Tutorials on Musear Editor: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


 How to get in touch with the creators of the Musear platform?

The Musear platform was created by Novena as a part of the Musear international project. Feel free to contact us through a contact form.


 I am a museum, how should I get involved in the Musear?

As a museum, you can create digital multimedia presentations in the Musear platform that will expand the visitor experience – free of charge. You can also invite artists to create presentations for your institution and thus explore your collections from a new view. By participating in the community module you can interact with other museums, artists and communities.


 I am a creator, how should I get involved in the Musear?

As a creator, you can apply to presentation calls and get opportunities to create new digital experiences for different museums. By participating in the community module you can interact with other museums, artists and communities.


 Who are community organizers in the Musear ecosystem?

Community organizers are community directors and registered organizations.

When editing the community as a director, the roles of each user, organization, or artist can be updated inside the community.

The main function of an organization is to create the presentation call and choose which artist they want to create their presentation. Together with the artist, they work on the concept and realization of the presentation.

Please note that one user account may have multiple roles – e.g. both a museum administrator and an artist who creates presentations for its museum.


 How was the Musear platform created?

The Musear platform was created as a part of the Musear project. Musear is an international project that connects cultural and creative sectors with the aim of bringing artists – and thus arts – closer to museum collections by trial a digital application. This tool will provide an opportunity for artists from different backgrounds to build their own narrative for museums and visitors, using a digital collection.

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union (EACEA).