Digital Tools

The MUSEAR platform is a multi-module digital system that enables easy creation, maintenance and consumption of multimedia mobile applications. The mission of MUSEAR platform is to facilitate the creation of digital narrative in the field of cultural heritage (museums and galleries) and tourism.

The MUSEAR platform is ‘zero install’, meaning there is no software installation required to create digital narratives. In the MUSEAR Editor web app one can upload all assets, create scenes with layouts, multimedia instances, and program their behaviour. Created presentations are multimedia, so creators are free to use a variety of different data: images, text, sound, video, 3D models and animations, 360 images and 360 videos. Special care is taken to ease multilinguality and subtitles syncing with audio, video, or 3D animations. The interaction within the MUSEAR platform ranges from the simple transition between scenes to complex logic that can be programmed in the Lua programming language if the creator has the desire and knowledge for such tasks.

Presentations are created in the MUSEAR Editor and are viewed in the MUSEAR Player.

MUSEAR Player can be found on Google Play and Apple App Store:

In the Apple App Store search “musear”and  you will be hinted at with the application result “musear player”, please select it and click “install”:

Video tutorials on using the MUSEAR platform are available here.
Musear Editor User Manual is available here.
Musear Community Module Manual is available here.

The MUSEAR platform was developed as part of the European project of the same name. IT experts, heritage interpreters and creators who work with digital media participated in its development.